How to Make the Most of Your Snow Day

Best leave the bike behind for the afternoon!
Best leave the bike behind for the afternoon!

So, work sent you home after you spent an extra hour getting there in the morning and an extra hour and a half trying to get back – that’s a whole five hours of your life you’ll never get back.

As the snow gathers pace it’s tempting to head home and curl up indoors watching people buying and selling half rate antiques on the tv. But in Brighton there are plenty of delights awaiting to warm the soul.

Normally on a Friday lunchtime many of the pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes are loaded with lunch hourers and rowdy weekend drinkers preparing for a big night by the sea. Not when it’s snowing! Like the shops in the lanes, many of the pubs were not even half full. We headed into the Black Lion (Black Lion St) where we were welcomed by friendly bar staff, who were ready with numerous recommendations for food and drink, and cosy candlelit tables. Having eaten at the black lion before we knew there was plenty of tasty yet affordable pub grub on offer and we weren’t disappointed. We started with a well-stocked antipasti starter between four of us followed by a variety of tasty sandwiches and burgers – the Black Lion burger always goes down a treat!

Pretty sure the snowman was following us
Pretty sure the snowman was following us

In between pubs, the snow splattered beach was a must see. The roaring waves and glowing lights of the pier made for some great photo opportunities, although we soon began to lose sensation in our fingers and toes – so we headed back inland along London Road to the North Laine Pub (Gloucester Place).

Boasting its own microbrewerey on site, the North Laine offers some good quality beers. It soon became evident that this was where the people of Brighton were heading – it was mid afternoon and the place was heaving. We ordered a round of hot drinks – alcoholic hot drinks. The apple one was particularly delicious and took the edge right off the icy feeling from outside.

mmm indeed!
mmm indeed!

Once the evening began to draw in we headed back to the Lanes through the Pavilion Gardens to the trendy Bohemia Grand Cafe (Meeting House Lane). We were swiftly seated by the waiter and provided with the standard bowl of popcorn (great ploy to keep people drinking!!) and the extensive drinks menu. A round of flamboyant (but expensive) cocktails seemed to be in order whilst we watched the wintry world go by outside.

Before calling it a night, one last drink in The Cricketers (next door to our first venue!) was required. The Friday night crowds had gone into hiding tonight so we headed straight to a table by the open fire to sup on a soothing pint of ale or 3.

So next time it snows in Brighton, and you get the urge to shut the curtains and put on your slippers, remember there are plenty of warm and welcoming pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants in town ready to warm your cockles!!

A Momentous Day – The Low Down

Just before we head out to fill our bellies of beer and our minds of wisdom, we should publish the categories that each of the drinking holes will be critiqued on (just in case they want to brush up before we arrive):

Category 1: Location – The location will obviously be dependent on where we have travelled from, however it’s much more than this – we think about ease of getting to the venue – bus/rail/walking – it’s all considered

Category 2: Menu – We haven’t got time, or the appetite to eat at each venue. So we are going to have to rate something other than the food…

Category 3: Beers – Good selection? Good quality? Good price? It all adds up

Category 4: Ambiance – A pub is a shortened word for public house. You should feel at home in a house, therefore you should feel at home in a pub. The more ‘at home’ we feel, the better the ambiance.

Each category is scored out of 25. Therefore the total score will be out of 100. We’ll also be throwing in some bonus points along the way if there is anything extraordinary to mention.

Okay it’s time to hit the first venue…


Early days…

It’s early days yet, but the BBBC blog is now set to be updated with all forthcoming reviews as of now. All future reviews will be uploaded for your perusing pleasure as and when they are written.

The first official BBBC meet will take place on Friday 29th October, so until then, if there are any suggestions for drinking holes that are in need of a beer and bicycle club opinion, then be sure to put them to us.

In the meantime, visit back over the next week or two for our thoughts on the venues we have visited over the last couple of months…